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From #ChatGPT when I search "Show me what it would look like to live in a world where everyone is happy."

"This utopian scene showcases a vibrant park with people of various descents and genders engaging in joyful activities, surrounded by lush greenery, colorful flowers, and futuristic, eco-friendly buildings. Enjoy exploring this vision of happiness and harmony!"

Looks pretty fucking incredible to me. #AI #inanotherworld
From when I search
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The power of #ChatGPT #GPT4
The power of
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#Google opens up its waitlist registration for #Bard , its answer to OpenAI's #ChatGPT and other AI chat solutions. Waitlist currently available in the US and UK 👉👉👉
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Got told off by #ChatGPT today 🙁
Got told off by today 🙁
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